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Oct 25, 2022


There’s a lot of talk about why organizations need to have a purpose — why they do what they do on behalf of those they seek to serve — and to have that purpose go beyond being a mere marketing tagline.

What’s equally challenging to get at is how an organization defines its why, how they get staff buy-in — or better yet, staff input — and then has the discipline to choose activities that work towards fulfilling it.


My guest

My guest to help walk us through this topic is Brooke Erol. Brooke is a corporate dropout who pursued her dream of having more meaningful work for herself and others where we are not only seeking money but also contributing to a bigger cause. All her life is spent on writing, speaking, coaching, and consulting on this topic of having a life of fulfilling and purposeful work. She works both with individuals- YourBestLife and organizations - Purposeful Business, Inc.



√ Many businesses focus on profits over purpose instead of figuring out how to do both.

√ An organization’s pain point is not necessarily an expressed lack of purpose, but lack of purpose is often the driver below the surface.

√ Leaders at the highest point of an organization — founder, and CEO — must have a deep consciousness to understand the imperative of having and living a purpose fully.

√ Companies often face a litmus test as to whether they are going to honor their purpose in their decision-making,

√ Customers and job seekers should monitor a company over time to see if it adheres to its purpose.

√ The number one reason for the purpose to stick is the 100% commitment of the CEO or the founder.

√ Instead of trying to save the whole world, find one area where you can have an impact, and let that be your purpose.



Book: Create a Life You Love: Reflections on Living Life to the Fullest