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Nov 22, 2022


Research has shown that curiosity can make us happier, increase academic achievement, and increase our emotional intelligence. And of equal importance, as today’s guest explains, curiosity is a divining rod in our search for creativity — a key ingredient of long-term business and personal success.


My guest

My guest in this episode is Dr. Caroline Brookfield, a veterinarian, stand-up comic, and passionate believer that we can courageously welcome creativity into our lives. She is the author of THE RELUCTANT CREATIVE: 5 Effortless Habits to Expand Your Comfort Zone.



√ Creativity is one of the top skills that people are going to need over the next 10-20 years to be effective problem solvers.

√ People — especially children — learn how not to be creative, in part because we are pattern and routine driven.

√ One of the killers of creativity is that we internalize how others react to our work.

√ Daydreaming can generate both negative and positive results.

√ D.A.N.C.E. D = Daydream A = Ambiguity N = Novelty C= Curiosity E= Edit later

√ Mindfulness gives you space to be creative.

√ Fear holds us back from experimentation.


Resources / Links / References

Free creative exercises from The Reluctant Creative

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