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Jan 17, 2023


Dr. Nate Zinsser is an expert in the psychology of human performance who consults with individuals and organizations seeking a competitive edge. He has been at the forefront of applied sport psychology for over thirty years. From 1992 to 2022 Dr Zinsser directed a cutting-edge applied sport psychology program at the United States Military Academy’s Center for Enhanced Performance. He is the author of The Confident Mind: A Battle-Tested Guide to Unshakable Performance.


Confidence is a state of mind achieved through training, choosing to focus on select experiences, and the ability to tell oneself a story based on a belief in a positive future.

Key Discussions

√ What are the Rosenthal or the Pygmalion effects, and how do they speak to performance?

√ What is confidence?

√ How does confidence apply to non-athlete and non-military leaders?

√ What is the three-part process of becoming a confident leader?

√ How does choice become a factor in building confidence?

√ How important is it to read non-verbal communication?

√ How do resilience and an “anti-fragile” mentality relate to confidence?

√ Why do negative self-doubting thoughts keep popping into our heads?

Links / References


The Confident Mind: A Battle-Tested Guide to Unshakable Performance

Leading With Honor: Leadership Lessons from the Hanoi Hilton by Colonel Lee Ellis