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Feb 7, 2023


Jeff Carver is an English teacher who has been working in New Orleans charter schools for the last nine years.  Before teaching, he spent the good part of a decade working in music and advertising. 

Nia DeCoux is a writer, educator, and activist who believes that when done well, storytelling and teaching become the same practice. Her work has been honored by both the National Foundation for Advancement in the Arts and the National Black Arts Festival.


While many educators continue to follow the standard 150-year-old approach to instruction and learning, and others are leaving the profession for various reasons, many teachers are helping to ignite their students’ inherent curiosity.

Key Discussions

√ Desired learner outcomes for tested and non-tested courses

√ How student performance against the mission is measured

√ The importance of place-based and project-based learning

√ How kids and parents adapt to the unique New Harmony environment

√ Why Jeff and Nia became teachers, and how their teaching changed over time

√ How to introduce students to the idea of voice and choice

√ How to help teachers experiment with allowing students’ curiosity


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Rising by Elizabeth Rush