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Sep 5, 2023

My Guests

Wade Bruffey and Zoltan Sarda are the co-founders of, a partnership-driven software company that helps organizations build and optimize their employee development program. They bring 30 years of experience working with teams and individuals to help people grow and succeed. Organizations using’s frameworks build systems that foster clarity, empower high performance, and help team members take aligned actions. With, organizations create transformation that lasts.


Wade and Zoltan discussed the importance of cultivating curiosity, empowering individuals, and creating collaborative relationships to improve decision-making, strategy, and company culture. They also emphasized the need for organizations to hire individuals based on their thinking abilities rather than just their skills, use data-driven approaches to identify the right candidates and align core values with organizational goals and the well-being of customers and employees. Additionally, they discussed how their software helps guide employee development conversations and the importance of leaders investing in training and creating a culture of innovation within organizations. Finally, they talked about their work in helping organizations create supportive, collaborative, high-performing environments by focusing on leadership ownership, people, and core values.

Key Points

Curiosity: Wade and Zoltan believe that it is important for people to be curious and ask questions. They said that curiosity leads to innovation and problem-solving.

Empowerment: They believe that employees should be empowered to make decisions and take initiative. They said that this leads to a more engaged and productive workforce.

Collaboration: They believe that collaboration is essential for success. They said that organizations should create a culture where people feel comfortable working together and sharing ideas.

Data-driven decision-making: They believe that organizations should use data to make decisions. They said that this helps to ensure that decisions are based on evidence, not on gut instinct.

Training and development: They believe that training and development are essential for employee success. They said that organizations should provide employees with the skills and knowledge they need to do their jobs well.

Culture of innovation: They believe that organizations need to create a culture of innovation. They said that this requires a supportive environment where people feel comfortable taking risks and trying new things.

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