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Nov 29, 2022


Central to any focus on change are some looming questions: why change, how to change, and how to overcome obstacles. Looking broadly at change across many fields, what intrigues me about change is the engine that drives it, and that’s curiosity. And curiosity is not just a point in time; it’s a process:...

Nov 22, 2022


Research has shown that curiosity can make us happier, increase academic achievement, and increase our emotional intelligence. And of equal importance, as today’s guest explains, curiosity is a divining rod in our search for creativity — a key ingredient of long-term business and personal success.



Nov 15, 2022


Obstacles standing in the way of progress often seem insurmountable. Leaders who remain adaptable, flexible, and pause to give themselves time to assess options increase their likelihood of breakthroughs. And very often, the solution to the problem sits within the problem itself.



√ The...

Nov 8, 2022


Much of the teaching profession is in turmoil. Thousands of teachers are leaving the field for a variety of reasons. Among them are:

• Teachers exhausted and dispirited after pivoting to remote instruction during the pandemic — and now having to quickly make up for “lost learning.”

• Teaching has been...

Nov 1, 2022

As leaders, we can often fall into the trap of focusing most of our attention on the work of achieving desired outcomes. While achieving outcomes is critical for organizational success, authentic leaders also focus on how they are showing up to lead the people doing the day-to-day work to achieve those desired results....