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Oct 18, 2022


In this episode, I talk with Megan Miller, who, at an early age, discovered the power of learning a foreign language and now works to empower others who want or need to have a bilingual voice.

Megan is the founder of Aprovechar Language Solutions, LLC, whose mission is to empower anyone needing a bilingual voice. She offers a personalized, habit-based approach to teaching Spanish and English language and culture to adults worldwide.

Megan has over 20 years of experience in Spanish and has been obsessed with learning and teaching all of her life: from living abroad in Madrid, Spain, traveling worldwide, and being a training consultant and language coach.

Megan noted in our conversation that language has the power to help us transition from a “me” mentality to an “us” or “we” mentality. That is, by learning another language, one can better understand the culture and people it represents.



√ Motivation to do anything and curiosity are inextricably linked.

√ Without actually traveling, one can enjoy culture through literature, movies, and music.

√ Just as it is with English in the U.S., a foreign language has dialects and accents that shift from region to region.

√ If you want to learn a new language, study it as it pertains to something in the culture, e.g., cooking, sports, or art.

√ When learning a new language, dabble a little bit each day.