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Dec 6, 2022


In this episode, my friend and fellow podcaster, Steve Miletto, and I discuss the “next big thing,” the next chapter in our lives, the “one more” challenge we want to tackle.


My guest

Steve Miletto is the Executive Director of North Georgia Regional Educational Services Agency, which provides professional development services and support for 5 school systems in North Georgia. Steve is in his 36th year in public education in Georgia. He is also a professional leadership coach, a classroom teacher mentor and coach, a speaker on better instructional, leadership, and social media practices and the host of the very popular “Teaching Learning Leading K12” podcast. He is also a multiple award-winning teacher and principal.



√ “One more” is knowing that you have more in you to give to support your purpose.

√ School leaders are wrestling with staff resignations and how to encourage staff to stay.

√ When it comes to purpose, we tend to over-focus on the what and the how and under-focus on why we're doing what we're doing on behalf of those we serve.

√ Don’t look externally for purpose; look internally.

√ To find purpose, “Ask: would I regret not doing “X” or stopping too soon doing what I’m doing?

√ Feeling overwhelmed? Revisit your purpose. Ask yourself why you do what you do, and examine what you like doing.


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