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Jan 3, 2023


Bill Whiteside is a sales and marketing executive turned software salesman turned writer of narrative non-fiction, specifically a forthcoming book about an incident in Winston Churchill’s tenure as Britain’s Prime Minister during World War II.



In this episode of “Getting Unstuck—Cultivating Curiosity,” I talk with Bill about the process of writing, which he’s detailed in a new book, Everybody Knows a Salesman Can’t Write a Book. As Bill has written, “My book is for anyone who dreams of turning a creative idea into commercial reality, especially anyone who wonders how to manage the intellectual and the business challenges of writing a book while working a "traditional" job.



√ Bill’s forthcoming book is a story about Winston Churchill and a deadly incident in the early days of World War II of which most people are not aware; a clash between the British and French who up to the time of the incident had been allies.

√ The book is an intersection of “how to write,” the content of the incident between Britain and France, and a memoir of Bill’s life during a specific period.

√ One of the key questions an aspiring writer has to ask themselves is “Do I have a deep enough passion for this topic to sustain me over a long period of time?”

√ In addition to passion, to motivate your readers, it’s important to have a sense that you can bring something different to your account of the story, especially with nonfiction.

√ One of the challenges of writing is deciding what to leave in, what to leave out.

√ There's always a reason not to do something. And most people find that reason and embrace that reason not to do something And it's the people who ignore that and say, I'm going to find the reasons to do something for the people who break through who are successful.




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