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Feb 14, 2023


In 2011, coach and author Jane Duncan Rogers was devastated when her husband died.  However, six years later, with two books and a TedX talk to her credit, she now runs her not-for-profit, “Before I Go Solutions.” Its mission is to create a world where people are at ease talking about and planning ahead for death.  It helps accomplish this by providing products and programs so people can create a good end-of-life plan and benefit from the peace of mind this brings. 


Generally speaking, our philosophy in the Western world is to ignore death and pretend that it's not going to happen. There’s another way to look at things.

Key Discussions

√ Why and how Jane started her organization, “Before I Go Solutions”

√ How she and her husband approached his impending death and why it produced a sense of relief and comfort

√ Why death planning is really an act of love

√ What questions we need to ask when planning for our death

√ How and why we should approach “death cleansing”

√ Why it’s critical to manage “secret papers”

√ The obstacles people put in front of themselves before engaging in death planning

√ The elephant in the room

√ The options to burial

√ What to say to someone grieving


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