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Apr 11, 2023


Rick Locke was born and raised in Erie, PA.  He earned a BS in mathematics from the University of Notre Dame and an MBA in finance from Rutgers University.

Rick’s professional career in information technology spanned 39 years.  He completed his career as Chief Information Officer at his last two companies and retired in 2014.Rick became interested in photography around 1980.  He learned the craft through photo magazines and adult education classes.  Initially, family and career demands limited his photographic endeavors to family vacations.  By the early 2000s, with more time to devote to photography, he began to pursue his passion for photography more seriously.


What makes Rick unique and interesting is that he is now an outstanding photographer despite the fact that he is legally blind, the result of macular degeneration. He can still see out of the corner of his eye, which he wisely named his website, "Out of the Corner of My Eye."

Following the theme of episodes 246 and 247, Rick’s story is a great example of serendipity. The universe puts situations in front of us. Sometimes we see them, and sometimes we don’t. Sometimes we act on them, and sometimes we don’t. Rick created luck out of what others might have seen as a tragedy.

While he was blessed with support from family, friends, doctors, and technology, Rick’s personality and strength of character encouraged him to look at his challenge from a different and more positive angle.

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