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Apr 25, 2023


Hal Herring is an award-winning journalist and contributing editor at Field and Stream magazine. He is also the host of the Backcountry Hunters and Anglers Podcast and Blast.


The debate over public and private land and water in the United States has raised concerns over public access to natural resources. While large tracts of land are being bought up in the West, the major consequence is not raising real estate prices but rather a growing indifference to conservation and the environment. Politics plays a significant role in this issue, as policymakers tend to prioritize other issues, such as immigration and economic concerns. Public ignorance and indifference also contribute to this problem. There is a need for a more informed and less indifferent citizenry to address this issue, recognizing people's spiritual connection with nature's ecosystem.

The three major topics discussed in this podcast conversation are:

The debate over private and public land and water: The conversation delves into the issue of public access to public land and water, with a focus on the debate between private and public ownership. The Wyoming hunters' case is used as an illustration.

Why environmental and conservation work is challenging: We discuss the challenges faced by environmental and conservation workers, including political lobbying, public ignorance and indifference, and the difficulty of passing conservation legislation.

The spiritual connection, recognizing one’s place in nature’s ecosystem: We discussed the need for humans to recognize that they live in and are a part of the natural world – nature is not just a place they visit. This is especially important to recognize to broaden the discussion beyond what’s good for hunters and fishers.

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