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Jul 25, 2023


Matthew E. Berger is executive director of the Foundation to Combat Antisemitism. He oversees the foundation’s programs to raise awareness about hatred against Jews and to monitor and analyze antisemitism on social media. As executive director, Berger is leading FCAS’ launch of “Stand Up to Jewish Hate,” a...

Jul 18, 2023


Kevin and Sue Harter are the proud innkeepers of Rockwell’s Retreat, the former residence and studio of Norman Rockwell in Arlington, Vermont.


Kevin and Sue began their dream and journey of owning an inn more than 25 years ago. Life intervened, and they got busy raising a family, working, and...

Jul 11, 2023

The Takeaway

In this episode, I trace the mental and physical journey I took recently in the Netherlands to grasp the murder of more than one hundred thousand Dutch Jews during WWII at the hands of the Nazis. I wanted to move beyond the number and get to the human beings.

Physically, the journey took me to...

Jul 4, 2023


Mike Magee is President of Minerva University since April 2022. Prior to joining Minerva, he was the founding CEO of Chiefs for Change, a non-profit organization supporting leaders of many of the nation’s largest and most innovative K-12 public education systems. Previously, Magee co-founded and was CEO of Rhode...