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Dec 26, 2023


“Getting Unstuck” is somewhat of a rare animal in the world of podcasting. It’s offered timely content focused on change, education, and curiosity for over 5 years and sits in the top 3% of all podcasts. 44% of all podcasts have less than 3 episodes, according to two tracking sources. Most podcasts don't...

Dec 19, 2023


Mary Nadeau has worked at Nokomis Regional High as a teacher and administrator for the past 32 years. She has served as the Principal for the past 15 years. Nick Miller is a member of the English department.


Our conversation explored how fly fishing, a seemingly unconventional activity in schools, can be...

Dec 12, 2023


Our conversation centered on the need to address the misconceptions surrounding homelessness and the importance of individual and collective action to create positive change. We emphasized the value of education and awareness in dismantling harmful stereotypes and empowering individuals to support...

Dec 5, 2023


Andrew Sachs is the CEO and Founder of Nobel Learning. Nobel helps learners get the technical, soft, and leadership skills they need to succeed in work and life in today's quickly changing world.


In this episode – which is an update of episode #122 where Andrew and I first talked – we focus on the need...