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Dec 12, 2023


Our conversation centered on the need to address the misconceptions surrounding homelessness and the importance of individual and collective action to create positive change. We emphasized the value of education and awareness in dismantling harmful stereotypes and empowering individuals to support those experiencing homelessness. By opening our hearts and minds, we can foster a more compassionate and inclusive society.

My Guests

Peggy Wilms is the founder of award-winning All Things Wellness, an entrepreneur, author, host of The Coach Peggy Show, and wellness retreat host, educator, and speaker. She is a certified personal trainer, sports performance nutritionist, and personal and executive health, wellness, and life coach for nearly 35 years.

Dennis Pitocco is the Founder and Chief ReImaginator of 360° Nation encompasses a publishing enterprise; the award-winning BIZCATALYST 360°, a multimedia enterprise; 360° Nation Studios, and a social enterprise, GoodWorks 360°.

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