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Feb 20, 2024


Dr. Donya Ball is a leader, author, and keynote speaker. She currently serves as superintendent of schools in California. Dr. Ball is a professor of both educational leadership and teacher education and is passionate about studying, writing, and speaking about overcoming leadership hardships. She published her...

Feb 13, 2024


“Getting Unstuck” host Jeff Ikler reflects on recent messages of remembrance that prompt him to consider life's impermanence of life and how he wants to be remembered.

The Universe sends us messages to consider and, if we’re open to them, to act upon.

Facing the task of decluttering after his...

Feb 6, 2024


In this episode, I was deeply fortunate to sit down with two amazing guests: Benjamin Zander and Rosamund Stone Zander. Ben is the conductor of the Boston Philharmonic Orchestra and the Boston Youth Orchestra. Rosamund was a therapist and an accomplished painter and sadly passed away in September 2023. They are...

Jan 30, 2024


Dr. Hayley Watson is the founder and CEO of Open Parachute, a Tier 1 K-12 curriculum program that supports the mental health of students, teachers, and parents. She is a Clinical Psychologist and holds a PhD in school bullying interventions. She has been creating and delivering programs for youth and practitioners...

Jan 23, 2024


As the “Connection Counselor,” Joe Kwon’s mission is to help professionals elevate their careers by teaching them how to connect to anyone, anytime, and anywhere. He is the creator of the “Everybody Thrives” program, which is designed to help organizations transcend statistics, increase belonging, and...