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Jan 31, 2023

Guest —John Dietsch is an award-winning author and writer/producer best known for supervising the fly fishing scenes and doubling for Brad Pitt in the classic OSCAR-winning film A River Runs Through It. John’s latest book, Graced by Waters, explores our connection to the outdoors through the prism of fly fishing and investigates its transformative and healing power in the face of loss. John currently teaches English literature, guides fly fishing, and facilitates wellness river retreats when he is not writing (or fishing) from his home in Pacific Palisades, California.

Summary — Water is the most common physical property found on Earth, but its spiritual properties — its ability to soothe our souls, nurture us, and facilitate deep personal reflection — are just as important. John Dietsch, fly fisher, guide, film producer, author, and teacher, helps us wade into it.

Key Discussions

√ John’s calling and its relationship to water.

√ Focus on the process vs. the result.

√ The spiritual qualities and connection to water, and why being in water for the fly fisherman is as important as catching fish.

√ The purpose of faith.

√ The importance of making mistakes.

√ The two types of fly fishermen and how those types apply to life.

√ John’s role on A River Runs Through It and the iconic fly fishing scene at the film's end.

√ How the film and the film's metaphor parallel events in John’s life. And how the film helped him work through his own pain from the loss of his brothers.

√ How serendipity/synchronicity can play a role in our lives if we’re observant.

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